Get First Mover Advantage for the upcoing BOOM in everything virtual & augmented reality with the new FB Metaverse 

With the brand new Arzign from Youzign, you create branded and engaging AR experiences for you and your clients easily.


What is AR (Augmented Reality)? 

Augmented Reality is the act of superimposing images, videos, and 3D objects unto the real world.

arzign lets you tap into this new tech with a simple process:


1: Create

Scan, source or create interactive and targeted 3d experiences


2: Augment

Instantly turn it into AR on any phone, no app needed


3: Grow

Engage customers with lifelike 3D interactions


the future of (e)commerce!

After the 2020 pandemic, the world has become increasingly virtual and dematerialised on one hand.

On the other hand, contactless technologies and the metaverse have literally exploded. And things are moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up with it.




with POKEMONS...

5 years ago, the first Augmented Reality experience called POKEMONGO took the world by storm by reaching 1 billion users in record time. 

... and then


After the 2020 pandemic, the world has become increasingly virtual and dematerialised on one hand. On the other hand, contactless technologies and the metaverse have literally exploded. And things are moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up with it.




And now, we are putting the power of AR right back where it belongs... in your hands!



in brand awareness with the use of AR



time spent on AR vs time spent on videos



want more AR in their business

Easily create engaging AR experiences

Arzign not only provides you with the tools to create augmented reality experiences for yourself and your clients, but also the knowledge you need. All it takes is 3 simple steps.


All it takes is 3 simple steps...

Step 1

Scan, source or create

Upload your own 3d or 2d images, or take our unique AR Academy training to discover how to create 3d objects from scratch in Blender or in the real world using a phone scanning app.



Step 2

Generate your AR scene

Follow the arzign wizard to create your AR scene in seconds, which you can directly test on your phone. Instantly publish it to a URL and then a QR code.

Step 3


Get increased customer engagement and interaction with augmented reality and grow your own or your clients businesses.


The bottom line is, ARZign is the only Augmented Reality Platform you need.

Watch our detailed demo below to see it in action:


Truth be told... Arzign is the only AR software you'll ever need.


Niche-ready AR characters

ARZign comes with a full set of niche specific Augmented Reality Characters.


Brand your AR experiences for yourself or your clients!

Add your own or your customers logo and designs to trigger your augmented reality scenes.


Interact with 3d (and 2d) in the real world

Amaze customers with interactive 3d experiences on their phone. Freely pinch to zoom, rotate, and interact with 3d objects. New: you can now add your 2d designs to augmented reality, such as your Youzign designs!


Bridge AR with QR technology.

Use QR technology as a bridge to your AR experience with the built-in QR code generator.


Launch unlimited AR campaigns, no cap!

Create unlimited campaigns for your clients and update in real time from the dashboard.


For iPhone and Android too!

Experience AR in glorious 60FPS even on 5 year old phones! Works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. No app needed!


One-click AR preview from your phone!

New: you can now easily preview your augmented reality experience in one tap from your phone!

Simply login to arzign from your phone and tap on the cube next to your designs to preview it in AR!

Professional 3d templates

arzign comes with a set of beautiful custom 3d templates created by the Youzign team


Professional 3d templates

Got an office? Simple publish the AR office template to your wall...

Know a gym? Give them our gym template to engage their users. Need to grow your following? The like and follow AR template is for you!



Easy to customise

Simply upload any of these 10 templates to your scene in Arzign and voila: you can now summon these in the real world in a few seconds!
The text in these templates can also be easily customised in Blender for free... We'll show you how!

The possibilities are endless!

💰Drive Sales

Engage and convert more customers by crafting your own ar experiences.

🚀Bring 2d to AR

Turn your 2d designs into 3d to create new ways for people to engage with your content.

🧑‍Showcase NFTs

Got some NFTs? Showcase them in augmented reality using the power of arzign!

Plus, you also get print templates for Youzign

Easily showcase and test your AR services thanks to these done-for-you augmented reality print templates in Youzign.

Simply customise with your own marker and QR code and print them out to experience AR in style! Check the example templates above and below.


...and all the training you need!


The best free sources for copyright free 3d designs! 

Discover the top free (and paid) sources for 3d images which you can use in any projects.


How to edit your own 3d templates using Blender for free!

Learn from our Chief Designer Obed how to edit your 3d templates in Blender... for free!


How to create your own custom branded marker fast

Discover how you can brand your arzign experience by creating your own markers!


How to use arzign like a ninja!

Learn straight from our CEO how to make the most of arzign in your business!

30 Day No Questions Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with arzign in the next 30 days, let us know and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked.


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